HIFU face lift treatment

Wanting a lift in time for summer?

I was invited along to #London’s #leading #specialist #antiageing treatment clinic to try a non-invasive treatment that helps lift your face.

Excited? Me? Well what women in her late forties wouldn’t appreciate a little ‘face lift’, yet the HIFU has been described as the nearest result you would achieve to having an actual face lift but with zero downtime, minimal discomfort & without the huge cost.

@hbhealthgroup is situated in the heart of #Knightsbridge & my friend Janet Ginnings who’s the beauty guru to the stars & operational manager at the plush HB clinic, the one stop beauty clinic.

I was greeted by the wonderful & knowledgeable staff at HB & had a consultation with my aesthetician practitioner who told me all about my highly anticipated treatment to help give my face a lift & boost collagen, The All-natural way.

Here’s what my aesthetician practitioner had to say about #HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) treatment:
“I am more invasive so there will be slight discomfort, but the reward is up to 18 months result that lasts. Scientifically/medically I want to target the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer, the same layer surgeons target and make incisions with knives, to pull and tighten the underlying muscle, which loses its stability and laxity as one ages.”

So, imagine the amount you are saving not only with time (downtime) but financially & pain. My aesthetician practitioner added “I am thorough & precise for a long-lasting face lifting result”

The treatment took around 2 hours as my aesthetician practitioner-therapist likes to take her time & give you little breaks because the treatment was slightly uncomfortable at times, I’d describe this as little shocks to the face, but this lasted just seconds & was definitely bearable.

I definitely saw an improvement straight after my treatment. My cheeks looked plumper & under my chin looked tighter leaving me with a sharper jawline silhouette.

My aesthetician practitioner informed me that there’s 1% increase in the lift everyday for the next 30 days, which is when the next appointment is due so I’m looking forward to seeing that also.

If you are looking for a lift in time for summer, contact @hbhealthgroup plus HB currently are offering a 30% discount on this treatment!

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