Bags of style with LaBante

Absolutely adore my Quilted Kensington Across-Body bag ! It’s the perfect bag in so many ways.

Firstly the plush pinky/nude colour makes it really versatile as it matches virtually any colour/style of outfit for day and night.

Second is the size of the Kensington is substantial, even for ladies like myself who like to carry everything we can think of, notebook, make up, flat shoes … kitchen sink etcetera.

Third and adding to its versatility this Across-Body bag offers several options in how it can be across the body (clue’s in the name I guess), elegantly hanging by your side or as a large clutch bag for evening events.

Made of premium vegan leather for longevity, sustainability & style, LaBante use Blue Star Premium vegan leather that is made from recycled fabrics as a type of Polyurethane (PU)

LaBante also use Vegetable leather too and therefore you can guarantee and feel safe in the knowledge that no animal was harmed in the name of fashion.

The lining which looks and feels like silk, adds a nice touch of class to the bags finish and is made using recycled plastic bottles.
LaBante use items that would have otherwise been going to landfill and decomposing over hundreds of years which means that by buying this bag you are also doing you bit for the environment too- just how cool is that!

If that isn’t enough for the most discerning animal and planet loving shopper, when you purchase a bag you support the donations LaBante makes from profits to the mental health, cancer and animal charities it supports !!

Vanita Founder with Dr Jane Goodall, British Ethologist

“LaBante London is a labour of love, born out of a combined love of animals, fashion and the wider planet. My adolescent experiences definitely stuck with me and shaped the brand’s philosophy of Fashion With Respect”
Vanita Founder & CEO of LaBante London

LaBante offer a huge range of bags so be sure to check their affordable luxury bags out.
And for all you guys out there do not feel left out as La Bante also have backpacks & wallets for you fashionable fellas.

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