The Vegan ‘Mini Cobalt Blue’ Croc by Amschela

I was so excited to receive The Vegan ‘Mini Cobalt Blue’ Croc bag designed by Amschela. The colour & faux croc effect is truly stunning & a real show stopper. 

It’s understandable why this bag has made such a splash at London Fashion Week. Seen on the arm of many a fashionista & influencer the Croc has also received acclaim in Vanity Fair & British Vogue magazine. 

The Thais Vegan Croc Mini is made out of 100% PU (Polyurethane) Leather which is an artificial leather made of  a thermo polymer, which used to be more commonly found in furniture or shoes before the handbag accessory industry found it to be a suitable alternative to genuine leather. 

Polyurethane is also very durable as the material doesn’t dry out over time and doesn’t absorb water so easily either. 

Ordinarily real Crocodile skin is sourced in the most horrific way on farms & skinned while alive just to be used to make ‘luxury’ handbag for some of the world’s leading fashion brands. 

How could anyone buy into this? 

There’s simply no need & Amschela has proved you can be ethical & still look glamorous.

The interior of the Croc is made from Tencol Cotton lining. 

Tencol  is a breathable microfiber made from sustainable materials that are all natural. Tencol is  produced by transforming wood pulp into cellulosic fibers that have a high resource efficiency and low ecological impact. Tencol also has a natural feel of cotton but is made with a fraction of the resources and produces less waste.

Whilst the Croc is currently the only Vegan bag in range,  all Amschela’s new designs will be cruelty free. Kerri CEO, Founder & designer says she became more conscious of the environment and the treatment of animals after shifting to a healthier diet last year & the cruelty free shift of the brand went from there. 

I’m certainly looking forward to showing my Amschela bag at events & looking forward very much to seeing Amschelas vegan bag range going forward . 

So I recommend you keep a watchful eye on what’s to come.

The future of fashion is most definitely ethical, cruelty free & sustainable 💚

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