K-9 Angels march and protest against Boknal’s horrendous dog eating days with fellow celebrities and activists


It’s hard to believe that now the Yulin dog eating festival is over there’s an even bigger dog eating days about to start in Boknal, South Korea with an estimated 2.5 millions dogs to be killed in the most brutal way imaginable!

Eating man’s best friend being seen as acceptable is clearly bad judgment, however South Korean history portrays this as ‘tradition’ . We used to burn women suspected of being witches but we got over that.
K-9 Angels co-founders Victoria Eisermann and Pola were so happy to be able to assist with the putting together of this year’s London demonstration (for a second year along with Mandi Kay and Catherine Harrison).

Along with huge support from many dog loving celebrities on social media the K-9 Angels were able to raise huge awareness for this 21 days dog eating spree by appearing on BBC radio London Jo Good and Anna Webb ‘Barking blondes’ show with Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson the day before the demo. This was a huge shout out and an invitation to others to join in with the fight for man’s best friend.


In addition to K-9 Angels co-founders Victoria Eisermann and Pola with Lucy Watson many other celebrities lent their voice and wanted to see an end to this dog torture. Rachel Riley, Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones, presenters Nigel Marvin and Anneka Svenska filmed also. CEO of the Badger Trust Dominic Dyer lead the march with the K-9 Angels along with around 100 protesters marching from Soho Square onto Piccadilly then past Buckingham Palace then up Buckingham Gate to the doors of the Korean Embassy.


Many protesters had travelled from abroad just to attend this march and demo and many protesters and activists had travelled many miles within the UK.

As they marched up Piccadilly through green park and past Buckingham palace the support from the public was loud and clear, they want this to end too.


While most of the world treat dogs with love and respect , in South Korea millions of dogs , many that have been stolen , will endure being tortured, electrocuted, boiled and then eaten in soup while other dogs watch on sat in filthy cramped metal crates waiting for their barbaric death to happen. The fear these dogs must feel is beyond terrifying.

Never to feel a loving hand, a warm blanket or bed ; only pain and suffering.

Some might argue we eat meat in the UK and, yes, we do but UK animals are not stolen pets, they are not skinned alive or boiled alive. UK slaughter houses are bad enough but the Boknal meat dog festival is a million times worse.

Pola with Sophie, a Thai meat dog the K-9 Angels helped rescue, now living happily in the UK

Pola with Sophie, a Thai meat dog the K-9 Angels helped rescue, now living happily in the UK

Here’s a few facts about the Boknal dog eating days of summer and information on how you can help end it.

  1. Boknal festival is bigger than Yulin with millions of dogs eaten over 21 days – many dogs are stolen pets still with collars on!
  2. South Korea this July to early August hosts its annual dog meat-eating festival commonly known as “Bok Day” or the Malbok
  3. The festival normally begins on the 13th July or 21st July, and runs into early August lasting 21 days.
  4. Some critics have placed the number of “dogs” killed at some one million dogs killed during this cruel and barbaric festival. Meanwhile other organisations and critics have placed the number at a much reduced count at some 15,000 during the Malbok/Boknal Festival.
  5. Some claim dog meat helps their virility (sex drive). In reality there still remains no proof or medical evidence that supports the East Asian pet meat consuming beliefs that such meats help sex drive or health.
  6. The most commonly consumed dish during the South Korean Malbok festival is that of peppery dog meat soup.
  7. Many dogs stolen are thrown into metal crates and transported with hundreds of other scared dogs. Once they arrive at the market, one by one they are killed in full view of the other dogs
  8. Dog butchers talk in the streets and can be heard stating that their dogs are “ripe,” meaning they are primed and ready to become soup. There is an Animal Protection Act in the country, but it is unenforced.
  9. Trusted charities helping save these dogs:
    1. Animals Asia and HSI
    2. Nami Kim (local lady) saved hundreds of dogs destined to be eaten

Kim has also been instrumental in gaining many dogs their freedom, whether by purchasing them outright, or releasing them from their cages. She works with three organizations and rescue groups in the U.S. Guardians of Rescue in New York, whose international lifesaving work is described in the articles below, Marley’s Mutts, based in California and Koreandogs.org.


How in a country so advanced in technology and full of such smart people could such a moronic and medieval attitude to another living being prevail ? It seems a pity that South Korea’s moral compass as it relates to Boknal is not working at all.

Please follow this UK Facebook page dedicated to the dog and cat meat trade – all alerts, demos etc will be on this site


CLICK HERE for Youtube video of the K-9 Angels Victoria Eisermann and Pola and Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson speaking out on BBC radio London against the cruel dog meat festival.

Please keep the pressure up and be the voice for the voiceless. Your voice is needed!
Keep sharing posts, keep signing petitions, keep emailing the Korean Embassy, keep marching and protesting.

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