Ethical all natural Wellness Breast Kit- Introduction

Ethical all natural Wellness Breast Kit- introduction

Every girl likes a little lift in her life including us angels so we were delighted to be invited to the launch of the ethical wellness breast kit that claims to life your breast and there’s a kit for your butt too!

Well there are some perks to being a Vegan Angel 😉 pardon the pun! 🙂

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Here’s a little info about this magical lifting product.
The precious coffer for the beauty of your breasts.
The sensual evolution of your femininity.

What initially drew the Vegan Angels to these products is the fact that in addition to being cruelty free these products do not contain GMO’s , Oil by-products, Mineral oils ,SLS,SLES, Parabens, Synthetic preservative, EDTA,BHA-BHT , Non-Food Grade colouring additives , Allergenic perfume, Nickel and Alcohol

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Natural Biotech Life proposes PiùSenoPiù Kit, an exclusive cosmetic synergy conceived to evoke the feminine sensuality of your neckline.
The elegant Kit combines the progressive firming action of the Intensive Gel to the energetic push-up action of the Concentrated Serums: a very important coffer of wealth for the welfare of your breast, able to satisfy, in complete safety and naturalness, the desires of seduction and sensual femininity

Intensive Beauty Breast Gel
Sculpts your breast, day by day

Consisting of precious natural components, the fruit of the most advanced scientific research, the Intensive Beauty Breast Gel is an innovative synergy aimed at nourishing, revitalizing and firming the breast.

As much as 24 functional and 100 % natural active ingredients, make the Intensive Beauty Breast Gel a precious physiologic bio regulator, ideal for restoring the tropism of the tissues, for adjusting the hydro-lipid balance and for remodelling the “sculpture” of the breast.

Concentrated breast push-up effect serum
Shock action for a redefined and sensual neckline

From the most innovative scientific technology comes forth the exclusive Concentrated Breast Push-up Effect Serum, a “shock” treatment
to use once a week, in your special occasions, to give compactness to the dermis and to redraw the shape and the profile of your breast.
100% natural active ingredients, like Persea Gratissima, Hyaluronic Acid, Quillaja Saponaria, Kigelia Africana, the fruit of innovative biotechnologies,
offer an incomparable tensor, firming, regenerating, elasticizing and hydrating effect on the delicate tissues of the breast, counteracting the cutaneous slackening and giving tone and turgidity to the skin.

To offer you a sensual beauty for your special occasions.

Lift 3 real

Now that you have all the information we will bring you a review video next week yes I said video 🙂 and let you know if we have life off. This should be fun!

Watch this space.

Love The Vegan Angels xx


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