I’m lovin’ Viva la Vegan t shirts!

I’m lovin’ Viva la Vegan t shirts!

I had the pleasure to chat to Jay, the designer and founder of Viva la Vegan, a fab t shirt and Bag Company.

The T-shirts are stunning, organic and ethical all with important messages on them.

My favourite was a bag that says ‘Adopt don’t shop’ on it which was inspired by Jay’s 3 adopted dogs and adopted cat.

Pictured is my rescue dog Mica with her ‘Adopt don’t shop’ bag

Jay the founder explained she used to be a high street clothes designer but because of her ethics started her company Viva la Vegan just 6 months ago. She added she is Vegan to the core.

I like this lady and her ethical t shirts and bags a lot

Do check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vivalaveganlife
And their site too. 😀 http://www.viva-la-vegan.com/


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