K-9 Angels attend puppy farming protest outside UK Parliament 24th May 2016


Being the co-founder of K-9 Angels and having 6 dogs of my own I wouldn’t have missed this VERY important rally held in Parliament Square, London, for the world!

The K-9 Angels fully support TV Vet and founder of Pup Aid Marc Abraham’s “where’s mum” campaign to end the disgraceful practice of puppy farms and promote rescue dogs.

The event held in Parliament square on 24th May and was hosted by Boycott Dogs4Us and the aim was to raise awareness of the cruel puppy farming and to make as much noise as possible as to end puppy farms now and forever.

A huge crowd of dog loving public, animal rights organisations, animal rescue charities, along with campaigners, MPs, celebrities and lots of dogs too all lending their voices for man’s best friend.


There was a real buzz in the air and a sense that today we were making history as phenomenal speeches read out by MP Paul Monaghan and David Amess and MP Rob Flello, TV Vet Marc Abraham, celebrities Meg Matthews and Jodie Marsh, Aaron Mathai of Boycott Dogs4Us, Linda Goodman (C.A.R.I.A.D.), Lisa Garner PA and mum to Lucy the Cavalier (ex-breeding dog now fighting for her 4 legged friends), Mark Phillips of Raystede, Caroline Yates from The Mayhew and and not forgetting the powerful speech by Leigh Catherine Salway on behalf of The K-9 Angels (you can view the speech here: Youtube)

Puppy factories, or puppy farms, are places where dogs are bred for profit on an industrial scale with little consideration for the health or wellbeing of either the puppies or breeding bitches. The breeding bitches are kept in tiny cages never to see the sunlight or feel love. All they do is churn out puppies.


megCelebrity and Patron to Pup Aid Meg Mathews knows only too well how damaging buying a puppy from a puppy farm can be as she told that crowd she unknowingly purchased her dog from a puppy farm and the pup was so ill she had to shell out over £6,000 at the vets.

Sadly, unwell dogs bought from puppy farms are not an isolated incident and happens way too often!


jodieCeleb and animal warrior Jodie Marsh, who has 6 dogs and took a liking to my 14 year old Lhasa Apso Loui, said she wanted answers from the government and I couldn’t agree more. Why are these vile cruel puppy farms allowed to happen in the first place? How can they even be legal?!


pupfarmmpI loved all the speeches but one of my favourites, apart from Leigh’s of course, had to be from animal loving Southend conservative MP David Amess who said that he is going to introduce a new legislation and change the current dated one and campaign to stop puppies being sold in pet shops. Fingers and paws finger crossed!

If you would like to see the end of puppy farms please do not feel your voice doesn’t count, because it does. Please do your research, write to your local MPs, share FB posts, tweets, rescue a dog rather than buy. Trust me, there are thousands of beautiful dogs, puppies in shelters right now waiting and hoping for a loving forever home. If it’s a particular breed that you are after again check the shelters as these dogs often bred on puppy farms end up there. There are also certain rescue groups dedicated to specific breeds, just use Google and you will find them. You will save money by rescuing a dog, not have huge vet bills and save a life at the same time, plus not line a greedy puppy farmer’s pockets!

And if want to join the #wheresmum campaign just come along to Pup Aid on Primrose Hill in London this September, it’s a fun day out with your dog, raising awareness of the cruel puppy trade. There’s a fun dog show, lots of stalls, lots of dog loving celebs and my charity the K-9 Angels are proud sponsors of Pup Aid so we hope to see you there!

There so much you can do to help, remember the dogs don’t have a voice but you do.

The rally happened to be right near Gandhi’s statue and Gandhi once said: ‘The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’

Right now we are not doing very well are we? But we can change that.

You can hear some of the speeches on my Phoenix FM show ‘The Angel Hour’

K-9 Angels website: www.k-9angels.org

Pup Aid website: www.pupaid.org #wheresmum #rescue #adoptdontstop

Jodie Marsh on BBC News website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36371385



Did you catch the BBC Panorama documentary ‘Britain’s Puppy Dealers Exposed’?

It shows the scale of this worrying issue, with instant demand for puppies of certain breeds and types fueling the unscrupulous breeding, import and dealing of puppies for sale online. It also showed the devastating impact of this trade, both on the parent animals, the puppies, and the owners unknowingly buying them.

You can view this very informative program on BBC i-Player for the next year. (Click here)

This really is a MUST see!

Spread the word and be a part of change for good in the lives of puppies.

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