The K-9 Angels rescue mission 2015


The K-9 Angels rescue mission 2015

12th March 2015


Team K-9 Angels set out on our first dog rescue mission together.

Pola and I had been many many times before but joining us on this trip was 2 of our trustees the amazing Rebecca and Sue.

These two ladies work tirelessly on adoptions day in and day out amongst many other tasks that need to be done within the charity.
Also joining us was the very lovely animal loving singer Jade William’s, Gary Edwards from Norton animal aid as our trips photographer and video man. Also joining us wonderful man who has donated funds to help many dogs, he wishes to remain anomalous but to us his an angel!

The aim of this trip was to visit the vile public shelter to pull out some lucky dogs, then visit the K-9 Angels shelter to see how the vet facility build is coming along. Also for Madalina to show us the many field dogs that she feeds regularly and for Pola and I to assist in spay some pets that local poor people will bring in their beloved pets to be spayed.

We had just 1.5 days to complete this as we have a very busy schedule back in the UK.

13th March

Today has been a long day it started with a visit to the public shelter which we have been to many times before. The shelter is a death camp for dogs. We went there with the intention of pulling 10 lucky dogs out to put in our heavenly shelter to then rehome. This was the first time our trustees Rebecca Smith and Suzanne Williams had been to this hideous place and they were both extremely upset at what they saw.


Pens drenched in urine and faeces’ dogs literally covered in ticks, many with distemper, no beds, no love little food and treated terribly. Dogs so skinny you could count their ribs. What a hell hole!
In true K-9 Angels style we ended up pulling 20 dogs out which will now go to the vets for all tests be treated then go to our shelter to prepare for travel and hope for a loving forever home. What is most heart-breaking is leaving the 450 dogs behind in the hell hole to most properly die nameless alone and never to have been loved.


Here’s a list of some of the dogs we saved and named. All dogs with photos and full information on them will be on our Facebook page soon so please keep checking.



Heather loving puppy Shepard type
Jack matted fur v scared
Socks very friendly black puppy dog
Ricky black small
Blond dog Rebecca
Doreen- jades dog
Jack sparrow
Sam foxy
Ed sheeran



We rushed the most poorly dogs straight to the vets for many tests. Four tested positive for distemper that can be fatal so let’s hope they make it.


We then went to visit our shelter to see how it’s coming along and to see some of the dogs we helped on our last visit.
Such a different atmosphere at our shelter. Although of course all these dogs (around 70) need loving forever homes they still have a much better life here. A clean warm environment, good food and daily cuddles.
Then for most of them a forever home will be found. What we need is to build many more dog houses on Loaca Aurelia land so we can house many more dogs here but without funds we simply cannot do this.


While at our shelter I noticed a sad looking dog sitting alone and looking very sorry for himself.
So I went to pet him. At first he shied away from me so I was patent and I just say there quietly next to him. Within 10 minutes he was snuggling up to me and literally sitting on my lap.
Seemed Richard needed a cuddle. he really touch my heart so unless he gets a home offer in the meantime then I will foster him after I have fostered the 3 dogs that I already have lined up.
Richard is a very special boy and he desperately wants a loving forever home with lots of cuddles

I love coming to our shelter so very different from the public shelter. What we desperately need is more funds to build more dog houses. Each house houses between 20- 30 dogs. The move of these that we build the more dogs we can rescue from the concentration camp public shelter.


We made another visit to the vet to see how the dogs were doing that we took in earlier today. Not good news for one dog and we hope and pray that she doesn’t die from distemper as it is neurological which means it’s now gone to her brain so there for very serious.
Also a little dog who Sue had fallen In Love with and whom she had named Rosie had to have an emergency operation as she had had a very bad spay operation and had a serious infection, she was very lucky that it had been caught in time or she would have died.


I had the lovely task of pulling all of the disgusting blood sucking ticks out of the dogs who were literally covered in these!
As gross as it was quite satisfying to pull these parasites out.

After the vets and near the end of the day we went to feed the field dogs with Madalina. She feeds the field dogs most evenings so we went with her before sundown. This field was literally so off track and in the middle of nowhere that I’m really not sure how these dogs would survive without her visits. As she pulls up dogs literally run to her car to be fed. As many dogs run towards us to be fed we spotted this little vision of beauty running towards us. I scooped him up into my arms. A beautiful little red haired puppy that we named Ed Sheeran.
How the hell little Ed would of survived there at night cold alone and without food is beyond me. Thank dog we found him!

Little Ed fell to sleep in my hand in the car ride back and at Madalina’s apartment then he enjoyed his first proper meal.


What a way to end a long emotional day. We had helped so many but it never feels enough and you always think of all those dogs that you had to leave behind.

14th March


But firstly we went to meet Sue and Rebecca who had seen a cute black poodle outside their hotel. This scruffy little dog was performing tricks to beg for food.
There were no way Sue and Rebecca where going to leave her there so super woman Aurelia scooped her up and we took her straight to the vets. What a gorgeous dog she was too! Unbelievable to think that this dog was outside a hotel in full view of everyone and no one stop to help no one! Until of course Sue and Rebecca saw she and the dog’s life changed forever. They named her Tallula and she will need a living forever home.

R28 R27 R26

At the vets Pola and I got stuck in to assisting with spays. We had been given full training on a previous trip so we knew what we were doing, from Chip injections to all inoculations to giving the dogs air and lifting them up and nursing them as they come around from Anastasia.


For me what made my day was meeting the locals who clearly loved their pets but simply could not pay for them to be spayed.
We must a lovely elderly couple who had brought their cat in to be spayed. You could see they adored their cat and where so pleased to have him spayed.
We also met another lady who had 10 street dogs she had saved but she didn’t have money to spay them. It’s wonderful to be able to fund such an important campaign.

We spayed 200 pets last year and I will cycle 400 miles in June to raise much needed funds to carry on spaying as many pets as we can.

It was time to check on all of the dogs that we help save yesterday and to say our goodbyes too.

In the 1.5 days that we were in Romania we had achieved a lot but there is so so much still to do.

Everything no little how big or small helps these dogs from sharing our posts to fundraising to fostering and adopting helps these poor forgotten souls but what will stop this cycle of madness and unnecessary cruelty from happening is to spay every single dog. When you think it costs just 20 euros and 10-15 minutes to spay a dog it seems crazy that this cruelty is still happening.

Please support our work as we simply cannot help these dogs without you.
Please donate through PayPal to the email address with reference ether ‘spay’ or ‘shelter build’

A dog house that houses 20-30 dogs costs £9,000
To spay a dog costs just £20/25 euro per dog and will avoid needless pregnancies and the associated unnecessary death and suffering.

Thank you so very much!

With very special thanks to Aurelia who works tirelessly every single day to help dogs you are one in a million!

Madalina for all that you do for helping feed the field dogs and all the other wonderful things that you do too.

Special thanks to Jade Williams for supporting us and Gary Edwards (Norton Animal Rescue Foundation) for supporting us and to our supporter who wishes to remain anonymous a huge thank you!
If you would like to support our work please visit  or our facebook page

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